Saturday, February 27, 2010

Milk Glass

I have been busy taking pictures of and posting Milk Glass items for sale on my Etsy shop. It started when I helped my mother-in-law clean out her kitchen cabinets.
She had things in there from the 1970's and before, many that had never been used.

I had the idea to post these on the website and see if she could get a bit of spending money for them. She had several pieces of milk glass to add to the pieces I already had. To top it off, I found more and put those on the shop too!

 If you like milk glass, be sure to visit me at

I am continuing to struggle with getting a good template and learning how to post pictures, and make changes to the layout of the blog, so if you notice changes, it is me still trying to make sense of it all... I am even challeneged by figuring out how to put the Etsy button on the blog!

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