Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pretty in Pink - Before and After

I am really into this refinishing, 'upcycling' thing these days!  Look what I found at our local thrift store recently to use for my do overs:

A nice enough candle  screen in a dark bronze color 

 Transformed into a sweet victoria looking screen

I know it is meant for candles, but I think you could change it up and add glittered fruit

Even some white flowers for a wedding would be pretty

A average gold ceramic cherub

Becomes a sweet addition to a little girls room, a baby shower decoration or girls event

A plain candle holder in white

Becomes a delicate display piece

The coup de grace!

What is this thing?  Yes that is "air fern" in there!

Remove icky flowers and air fern and put in the trash, clean in a sink of soapy water.  Oh I see!

 Not too bad of a cage, but a bit boring..

Now a sweet victorian addition to a corner or table top!

I wonder what other things I can paint pink?  Hmmmmmm...

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time that causes me to slow down and really think about all the things I have to be grateful for in my life.  I need this yearly reminder to kind of reset my outlook and get ready for a new year ahead.  I have many reasons to give thanks.  I often take for granted things like my health and the health of my family, enough food, a house to live in, a car to drive, heat for my house, clean water to drink, and time to reflect.  

One of the things I am so grateful for is time.  I worked full time for many years as a school psychologist.  It was a very stressful job.  One of those jobs with a great deal of responsibility and very little authority or control over the funding and processes that impact the job.  While there are parts of it that I miss, I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home and focus on my family. 

I am so enjoying having the time to reflect, to think about my life, what I want, how to do things, what is important.  I even have time to learn about running an online business, learning about technology (ok, so I am slow, but I am coming along), and even exploring my creative side in new projects. It is definately a blessing!

I am learning to be thankful for my age.  I no longer care too much what people think of me and so I am becoming free to be completely myself; genuine, and authentic.  I don't have a need for everyone to like me; I know not everyone will, and that is ok.   I like to think I am continuing to grow and become a better person though I am doing it for myself instead of others.  I am pretty happy in my own skin.  Coming to a place where you like yourself, are comfortable and even enjoy time alone takes quite a few years for most of us.  I have many things to be thankful for; too numerous to list them all. 

I hope that this Thanksgiving you have time to reflect and realize what a wonderful person you are now, and that you will become even better as you age, more comfortable, more centered.  I am especially thankful for all of you who take the time to read my random thoughts and keep returning.  It means so much to me!  I hope you have many blessings this Thanksgiving season. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Colder Than....

My oh my it is cold outside today!  We have quite a bit of snow for the Seattle area.  It started yesterday and we probably have 5 inches on the ground at this point.  School will most likely be cancelled tomorrow. 

I grew up in Yakima and it still amazes me that school is cancelled whenever there is any snow or ice on the roadways.  But once you have driven in snow over in western Washington, you quickly realize that it is really scary, and treacherous!  Everyone goes extremely slow.  Commute times double or triple.  Traffic snarls and one accident after another are everywhere! 

My daughter had to drive in to Seattle for school this morning, and is now at work.  My husband thought he would pick her up after work since it is 25 degrees, snowing, and the roads are icy.  So, he texts her only to discover that she is taking someone else home after work!!!  Do these young adults do this just to worry their parents?  Does she really think she is being helpful?  C'mon now! 

A couple shots of our snow tonight: 

 My spray painting stool.  Can you tell what color I painted last? 

Guess we probably should have put away the patio chairs and covered the fire pit by now huh?  Oh well, this way it is ready for spring right? 

We were planning to drive over to my in-laws house in Yakima and meet up with my brother and sister-in-law but looks like we will be having Thanksgiving at home.   Hmmmm, guess I better make a plan.  Hey, Safeway, and QFC, and Fred Meyers have those meals you just order and then heat right?  Now, if the power stays on we will be good!  I will just make a few of the traditional dishes my family likes to go with it and we are good!  Problem solved!  oh yeah, I am liking this...

Some pictures from this morning:

View out the front room window, see my van buried out there?

My rhodies were thinking about blooming again..

 Jude watching for birds, its hard to hunt when you are orange!

View out the back door

Do you get snow in your area?  Does it bring things to a halt?  Pretty to look at but I need it to go away now, come back on Thanksgiving day, Christmas Day and New Years Day, and then stay up in the mountains after that!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fun & Easy Updates!

Time for another project post!   If you have been following me you know that I like to go to yard sales, estate sales and thrift stores to treasure hunt!   I pick up things here and there that I would like to try and update and see if they turn out.  I like  using items that can be updated quickly and easily using minimal materials. 

For these type of projects, a big bang for my buck is spray paint!  With a little paint, and maybe a ribbon, you can transform something ugly or outdated into something modern and cute!  At least most of the time...

Have a look at these fun and easy projects:

Of course I forgot the before photos on most of these...

Blue Heart Bird Cage

This was one of those 80's dark green metal decorative cages that has heavy black paint over it.  Really outdated.  It on sale for 99 cents at the thrift store.  I chose a French Blue and some brown grosgrain ribbon to hang it .  The cage was primered with metal primer, and then a couple of coats of blue.  That's it!  She is transformed!

Wooden Knife Block

This started out as one of those 70's wooden knife blocks.  You can find tons of these at the thrift stores.  I saw the idea to paint one black on The House of Hepworths on this post where she used a vinyl Monogram letter months ago.  I used the infamous Oil Rubbed Bronze.  I picked up a fleur de lis stamp at Micheal's for $1 and used pale blue acrylic paint to stamp the design.

Wall Candle Holder

This was a weird sorta lime greenish color with gold washed over it, also on sale for $1.  How could you go wrong?  It looks like a church window and I was thinking of doing it in white or heirloom white, but then I thought it might look good for holiday decor, or in a house (like mine) with Italian colors so I chose the Claret Wine color from Rustoleum.  After using metal primer and 3 coats of paint  it is so much better!  I wish I had taken before pics.  It was really ugly!  I used 3 pages from an old hymnal and wrapped a candle that I had and tied it with jute. 

Old Chippy Bird House

This one I  distressed as the paint was coming off anyway, and tied on a ribbon, put some matching tulle inside and a couple of french designs on the front.  I am not really happy with this one.  I may redo it again.  I think more farm housey?  What are your ideas for this piece?

Bird House Final

Remember the bird house from here  It started as a tole painted thing crammed with dusty artificial flowers.  I painted it and was thinking of distressing it but I chickened out and just went with a couple french stamps in  blue and a pale blue ribbon.  What do you think? 

Ok, now get out there and pick up some $1 items at your local thrift store and imagine them into something new!  I want to see your pictures!!  

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