Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was so much fun when I was a kid.  I remember dressing up, the plastic masks that had the elastic that went around your head, and the fun of collecting candy.  We would run from house to house as our fathers stood in the road and talked.  Laughing, screaming, yelling trick or treat!  I guess not alot has changed huh? 

My kids don't trick or treat anymore but now they pass out the candy to the little ones that dress up and come knocking on our door!  It is so cute to see all the different ideas for costumes!  We didn't have as many last night, maybe the tradition is on its way out.  More and more kids are going to parties, church events and other structured settings.  I still think part of the fun is all the craziness and chaos, but I understand the safety concerns too. 

My daughter dressed up and went out "clubbing" the night before and wore the costume to open the door too!  She got some pretty fun reactions!  Do you remember this annoying creature? 

We had friends over and ate pizza and candy, watched football and hung out.  What did you do? 

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