Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun Hostess Gift Idea

Tis the season of Christmas gatherings, dinners, and parties!  Do you ever wonder what to take for a hostess gift?  Tired of the traditional gifts and want to be unique?  Well, here is a great DIY project that is cheap, easy, versatile and green!  What could it be you ask? 

Upcycled Chalk Label Wine Bottles!!! 

These make great gifts for any occasion and are easily customizable both in the sentiment, and the decoration.  Check out these cute Christmasy bottles~

I first wrote about this project back in April but I have since modified/simplied my approach a bit.  If you want to read the original post view it here

Step 1.  Pick a bottle.  This can be any tall bottle but I find that wine bottles generally are easier to find and have smooth glass.

Step 2.  Drink the wine.  This is the most important and FUN step of the process.  If you don't have an empty bottle, you MUST complete this step!  Technically I guess you could also do this to a full bottle and chalk the back with a message but that would require two bottles...

Step 3.  Wash out the bottle and soak off label.  Some of these labels leave alot of goo behind and the product Goo Gone helps with this.  I also use a scrubber.

Step 4.  Tape off your design.  If you want a rectangular label, use your tape to frame it.  I find that painters tape works best as it doesn't pull off any of the painted area and it leaves no residue.  If you want a label that goes all the way around the bottle tape it off and you will have to hold it by the neck and spray it. 

Step 5.  You can either cover the rest of the bottle with clear plastic wrap, which takes time but actually works the best; OR you can take the easy way like me.  After making 100 of these for use as centerpeices at a fund raiser, I got quicker!  Just lay the bottle with the side to be painted facing up and cover the areas not to be painted with rags.  You may end up with a bit of overspray but this can be taken off easily after it dries using a scrubbie. 

Step 6.  Paint one or two coats of black primer paint letting dry between thin coats.  This is helpful to get your chalk paint to stick to the glass and not scrape off.  Make sure to use black primer.  I have used the white and somehow it always leaves a weird white edge around the label.  Remember you can also see through alot of the bottles and the white shows from the side or back.

Step 7.  Paint 3-4 thin coats of chalk paint, letting dry ~10 mins. between coats. 

Step 8.  After it is good and dry (24 hrs is recommended) remove tape and scrub off any over spray.  Then prepare your surface by rubbing with the side of a piece of chalk or simply use the eraser and rub the surface til it shines. 

Step 9.  Decorate with a ribbon, glue some twine around the neck, put a chain and a charm, or even hang an ornament.

Step 10.  Using chalk or chalk marker (easier to write with and stays on) write your sentiment. 

There are so many ways to use these.  Here are a few:

Wedding Centerpieces

Table Markers

Fun Personalized Messages

Use as a vase 

Seasonal Decor

You can add a flower to it, fill it with oil, popcorn, or bubble bath and cork it (many bars will save corks and you can just ask for some, they are also sold if you need alot).  You could attach a gift card, a chocolate bar, or a card, or simply include a candle.  Present your gift! If you don't have time or inclination to make your own they are for sale in my shop.

I am grateful for all of you who are so encouraging to me in this blogging journey!  Thank you! 
  Merry Christmas!!

Between Naps on the Porch ~


Lori said...

NO. WAY. No way! This is the awesomest! How did you know that I LOVE using chalkboard paint and also that I drink lots and lots of wine? I am soooooooo putting this trick to good use. You rock!

Selina@CreativeJuicesDecor said...

I love ideas like this!! Almost free and so pretty! (like the ice candle holders.) Thanks for the comment on my blog and putting it on Facebook :-)

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

These are super cute!! The Sunday Showcase Party link will be up later tonight - You had entered it into a different link up - It was for Leo Reynolds prints only...sorry! I hope you'll stop back and link them back up later on! Thanks Stephanie Lynn

Rene' said...

oops I left my comment a few posts down and I meant to leave it here :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sue said...

I love these bottles every time I see them!
Today I will try to figure out how to put the scrolling pix of the etsy items.
Wish me luck
Love the bottles

the cape on the corner said...

what a great idea! i do think this would be great as a gift (with actual wine) so couldn't you just place this over the other label and not need to rinse/get it off? i'm gonna have to try this!


this is a great it. thanks for stopping by my blog.



this is a great idea.. love them. thanks for stopping by ,


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