Friday, May 7, 2010

Upcycled Chalkboard Items!

We had a bit of nice weather and it inspired me to get busy on some pieces I have been wanting to redo or upcycle!  I spent a day with my chalkboard spray paint and lots of glass and metal and had some fun seeing what I could create.  I found this vintage metal plate while out thrifting one day but the inner part was pretty scuffed and scratched up so I thought it would make the perfect chalkboard!  I can see this standing on an easel as shown, or hanging on the wall.  I would use it as a Menu Plate.  My family always asks, "what's for dinner?"  This way, I would write the menu for the night and they could see it!  No more answering the same question numerous times!  I think it looks really cool too! 

What do you think?  Could you use this in your house?

I was originally going to spray paint these bottles and then put a chalkboard label but I kind of liked the colors of the glass and thought they looked nice in a grouping.  I can see these grouped together on a table with some long stemmed roses, gerbera daisys, or even a bouquet of wildflowers.  You can even put taper candles in them and use them for a romantic dinner setting.  Do you like them?  Is it too much?  Would you take one to someone as a get well with a bouquet in it?   How could you use these? 

These are so easy to make, you can make your own!  Here is how I did it:  I used plastic wrap to cover the bottle with the exception of the section I wanted to paint.  This I taped off with painters tape.  Painter's tape works better than regular tape as it comes off easily if you need to reposition it.  It doesn't even tear the plastic wrap!  Also, there is no sticky residue left like with masking tape or other tapes.  Make sure your glass or surface is very clean and dry before you start.  Wrap and tape it and make sure to press the tape down very firmly.  Chalkboard paint is made up of tiny pieces of lead-like stuff and it gets in the smallest of cracks!  Spray several layers allowing approximately 10-15 minutes of dry time in between coats.  Once you have 4-6 layers, allow a 24 hour drying time to completely cure.  Then prepare the surface by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over it, wipe clean and it is ready to use! 

I have some other fun things that are ready but I need to take pictures yet.  Look for them in the shop soon!  How many things can you think of to use this on? 


selein said...

I love the chalkboard dish & bottles.

hcoleman60 said...

I love your site Tracy! So incredibly proud of you! Love the bottle chalkboards too! I would totally give them as a gift with a saying on the front and filled with flowers! Wonderful idea~


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