Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ch ch ch changes!  Turn and face the change.... It is the beginning of a new year.  A time of renewal, recommittment and change.  A time to take charge of those areas that bug us about ourselves.  A time to BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD~ 

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that this quote by Gandhi is my favorite ever!  I have it in my bedroom in vinyl wall words.  I am getting ready to paint in there so I got another quotation and put it in my bathroom.  It really speaks to me. 

It reminds me that I am really the only one who can change my life. It also gives me hope that I can be a part of helping to change things for others.  I think one of the most difficult things for me is to figure out the direction I want to go. 


What way is most meaningful for me and how can I best help make the world just a tiny bit better for someone?  Sometimes I get stuck here, trying to figure this out and become immobilized.  This is why I need my quotation around me, to remind me to pick something and Do It! 

Sometimes, it is as simple as giving someone a compliment, or sitting with them in silence during a tough time.  Sometimes, it is donating time, money or talent to a group or organization.  Sometimes it is forgiving others for things in the past, and sometimes, I have come to realize, it is forgiving myself. 

I wish I could be more like Gandhi, or Mother Theresa.  I have always wanted to help people and make a difference.  I think many of us do.  But we get stuck in the realization that we are not these selfless people, but rather, ordinary folks, trying to make our way in the world. 

Still... I think that change begins with ordinary folks.  I think we have much more power to contribute to the well being of our own lives and those around us and in our community than we will ever realize. 

So, what will I do?  Hmmmm, I don't think another year of "lose weight" is going to be effective.  I think for my personal goals I am going to try to:  Smile More, Be Less Critical, Breathe, Enjoy the Moment, Compliment People, Listen Better to my Kids, Start the Adoption Home Study Business I have been talking about for a few years, and maybe grow a garden and connect with nature a bit more. 

For more altruistic goals I think that maybe volunteering to do a craft project with seniors at the community center would be fun.  I love old people, and I am fast becoming one myself!  I also enjoy teenagers so maybe something there... I have always wanted to take food to the homeless camp under the freeway in Seattle but I have been too afraid.  Maybe this is my year....

What are your plans for 2011?

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Sue said...

My plans are...
To do the best at EVERYTHING!
Try my best.
Keep a smile on my face.....and MAYBE...I can make it through all that is handed to me.
Bitter.... NO just Raealiy


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