Monday, January 10, 2011


I have never been a sports fan.  My husband and I didn't play many sports in school and neither have our kids.  I don't understand the rules on most sports and football has been the most confusing of all.  So many rules and exceptions! 

My son is a football fan.  I don't know where this came from but he just started watching football on his own a few years ago.  Now my husband is also a big fan and my daughter is starting to watch.  It is so loud, and the enthusiasm of my family prevents me from doing much of anything, anywhere in the house.  I can leave, or I can watch, or I can clean.  Hmmmm...

Last week, I caught the end of the Seattle Seahawks game.  It was close and pretty exciting.  The team was not expected to win.  I found myself cheering for "my" team.  So this Saturday, when they played for the Division Title, my family asked me to watch with them.  

We all dressed in seahawks jerseys, t-shirts, and caps.  I borrowed a shirt from my son and my husband's old hat.  We got out an air horn.  Settled in with snacks and turned on the surround sound.  LOUD, very LOUD!!!

If you aren't from the Seattle area, you may not know about "The 12th man."  I have learned that there are 11 men on the field at a time (per team) and the 12th man represents the Seahawks fans!  Qwest field has a reputation for being the loudest in the NFL.  I guess with all the rain, we need something to scream about.

The game was really exciting, very close and competitive, and against all odds, the Hawks WON!!!  I screamed, I yelled, I honked the airhorn!  I think I might be turning into a fan! 

How did this happen to me?  Are you a sports fan?  Blue and Green!

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Sue said...

I hate football
I am sorry about your seahawks


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