Monday, July 19, 2010


I am discovering (ok, I have known for some time but don't want to accept it) that I no longer have the ability to multi-task.   I am not sure when this happened or why, but I used to be able to type, listen and respond to a conversation, and think about what I was going to do next at the same time.  I was amazed that my husband could actually block out what someone was saying to him while responding uh huh etc.  Now, I find, to my horror I might add, that I do the same!  The kids are getting irritated about it and I don't blame them!  What has happened to me??

In other ways this has also happened.  I have tried many times to complete some of the numerous projects I have lined up and I think I can do several at a time.  I will take out 4 things that need spray painting and even though they are all different colors I can handle it but throw in something that needs some repair first, or prep work and I am totally thrown off course! 

I am starting to paint and redo the furniture I have been piling up (I will show you when (if) it is finished..) and one sunny day, I decided to drag out a small magazine table, a night stand with two drawers and a chair to the patio.  I did some minor repairs, placed wood putty where needed to patch holes, nicks etc and sanded.  Then I started painting.  I REALLY need a sprayer!  OMG! 

I think I began with the most difficult piece!  It is the vintage magazine table.  You know the kind that have side compartments to hold your magazines?  Yeah those.  Well, they also have so many nooks and crannies!  I have painted it for two days!  It still isn't finished...

It all sounded so nice at the time.  Bring all this crap outta the garage, under the gazebo, and leisurely fix this furniture while enjoying the summer day... Makes sense right?  Well, today, it is all still there, and it is cold and overcast.  So guess who will be dressed for winter, out there painting?  On the upside?  The color is gorgeous!  I may have to keep this rather than put it in the shop.....


Ok, What you have all been waiting to hear, at least those of you who entered the July giveaway, is who is the winner of the vintage fruit salt and pepper shakers and sugar bowl?  Drum roll please......

Jacqueline from byhatched!

 Jacqueline lives in Montpellier, France and has a wonderful blog about life there at  Jacqueline also has an Etsy shop and you can check her out here:   Congratulations to Jacqueline! 


Anonymous said...

Well Tracie, LOL! How funny was this post. Sounds like me on a daily basis! I want to thank you so much for mentioning me and can I just say this is the first time I have ever won a giveaway! I never really enter them but the little set looked too wonderful to pass by. I have a surprise for you later?

Tracie said...

Oh, it is so good to hear I am not the only one! As for the giveaway, Jenn (who won the cups and saucers in June) said she never wins either! So, for everyone that never wins, take heart and enter giveaways! You never know... :D


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