Thursday, July 22, 2010

Student Loans!

You know, when I was going to college, I applied for and received financial aid in the forms of grants, work study, and loans.  I was evaluated on my own since I was out of the house and married, though only 18.  We were pretty poor in those days and so the government provided us with some assistance. 

My daughter started art school in the fall of last year.  Imagine my surprise when told that students are not evaluated on their own resources, but that of their parents as well until the age of 24!!!  Now I hear that this may change to 26 years?  Well, isn't that nice, since that is when they will most likely be done with school and no longer NEED any help? 

So, we apply for a Parent Plus Loan, and my daughter is "awarded" a couple of very small government loans as well. 

Sallie Mae, the overseer of the government loan starts billing us for this first year loan, even though our daughter is still enrolled in school and we have since taken out more through Sallie Mae to pay for the second year! 

So, we have to ask for a deferrment.  Only trouble is, if you call the number listed on your bill, and wade through the automated system, you will discover that you will NEVER, reach an actual human being!!!  You will eventually be directed to the website for this purpose. 

So, after trying this a few times hoping for a different response, (I know, dumb huh?) I go to the website.  Try to sign in to get the appropriate forms that will allow me to indicate that she is still in school and we need to defer the payments on the loan until she is finished with her program. 

The hope is of course, that she will get employment and be able to help with or even take over the payments! 

Once at the website, I am told that my account is no longer active and I am directed back to the automated phone system which then directs me back to the website.... Is it just me?


Josh Healy said...

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Attic Rat said...

I always just start pressing "0" after each response. Sometimes I actually get to talk to a real person that way.

I get cranky when I have to punch in all of my numbers only to have to repeat them all to the operator. Why did I have to punch the mall in if they aren't now in the system?

Ok, rant over. Have a great day - Teresa

Tracie said...

I totally agree! Why should they need all the information repeated? I think it is some kind of test of patience...

Anonymous said...

These things are sent to test us! I think you do really well even to attempt all of this !


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