Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer starts today!

Hello everyone!  I guess I have been hibernating lately since I haven't posted in awhile!  The weather has been so crappy that even my Verilux Happy Lites haven't been enough!  But today the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky!  Woot!  Woot!  Oh happy dance!  I guess it is supposed to get a bit hot, and then I will probably complain about that, but at least there is sun and it looks like summer! 

Our family spent the fourth of July with some old friends and had the traditional BBQ where we all ate ourselves into food comas and then rested awhile and ate some more!  Watching fireworks was a bit tough this year as it was so cold!  We were encouraging the kids to hurry up with comments like "how many are left?" and "how about lighting a few at once?"  This was even with coats and blankets on!  Good grief!  Anyway, it was fun but I only managed to take a couple of pictures while it was still light and nothing to indicate it was the fourth of July!  Oh well, this way, I don't have to feel guilty for not getting it scrapbooked right?

We spent a few days over in the Eastern part of Washington State for a family reunion and got a nice bit of sun over there.  It is always a bit strange for me to attend these "reunions" because it has usually been 3-5 years since we have seen each other and that was only at the last reunion!   I had a friend once who said to me, "Would you even talk to these people if they weren't your family?"  Hmmmmm....  The invention of Facebook has helped a ton!  At least I feel like I know a bit about what is going on with the "younger" middle age set that knows what FB is and uses it!  It really helps to not have to struggle for conversation where your options are; 1. stay really surfacey, OR 2. ask something like, "so...what have you been up to for the last 5 years?"  : ) Is this what they call cynical?  I'm I cynical or just sarcastic?  Hmmmmm....

Here are a few pictures from the family reunion:

Black Light Bowling

 Winery Tour
                                          View of the Lake from the Winery

Yesterday, we put up a gazebo.  Bought it at Fred Meyers on sale, put it up over the patio, and I love it!  It helps define the space, provides some shade (like we need that right?) but most importantly, gives us privacy!  Our patio faces the neighbors deck so if we are both out at the same time, it is a bit awkward, especially since this neighbor has threatened to kill our dog!  Another story there... anyway, this has a privacy screen which of course we installed on That side so if he is out there when we are, we can simply zip up and continue on!  hahah... it isn't that bad, but I would like to be able to eat without being watched.  My mom used to have a thing about that, and would always close the dining room blinds before dinner.  I used to think it was really weird, but maybe I have just a bit of that myself?  Oh no.... I am turning into my mother!  Very quickly it seems at times! 

I find I am having a hard time focusing (did you pick up on that?) and figuring out what I want to do today.  It feels like some rare bit of extra money or something, having this sunshine, and I want to spend it wisely... What have you been doing this summer?


Anonymous said...

Well summer has arrived and you survived the family reunion! In the south of France is has been in the 30's for several weeks and we have no air conditioning !!! Doesn't seem to be common place over here. I laughed about the dog :) we have two yappy cocker spaniels...

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Wow what a gorgeous spot for a reunion! I'm the poster girl for lack of focus so no worries there. Looks & sounds like a fun summer so far (despite the weather) but now you have to tell us what could possess your neighbor to harbor such animosity toward a dog! Hope it gets warmer for you soon. I'd share ours (Boston record highs & humidity right now) but its actually my favorite weather believe it or not!


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