Thursday, October 14, 2010

Old School Friends

Yesterday I drove back to the small town where I was raised to meet a couple of old friends from junior high school.  We hadn't seen each other in about 35 years and had found each other again on Facebook.  I was really excited to see them and thankfully via Facebook we knew what each other looked like.  We certainly weren't 15 anymore and things had shifted around a bit for all of us!

It was really weird at first to be with these gals who I had spent so much time with, got into trouble with, shared secrets with, and see them now as middle age ladies.  Just like me!  OMG!~  Where did the time go??  We talked  about our lives, remenisced about old memories and fun times, and laughed at all the craziness. 

There was a really nice sense of "coming home" and being very comfortable together.  An instant connection from our shared past.  We made plans to get together again soon.  I hope time doesn't come between us again; these gals are my forever friends. 

Funny how as you get older you hang on to precious friendships a little tighter, and rekindle old ones from your past.  Maybe it takes that long to figure it all out.  To figure out that friends, and family, relationships with people, are what it is all about.  What is important in this life are your connections with other people. 

I know a number of people in their 30's who seem to become very close with others quickly, but after a few months or a couple years just drift apart and move on.   Maybe it is the times, we are a much more mobile society now.  Maybe it is the age, they have experienced people coming and going, divorces, moves, new jobs much more than my generation did as children.  Maybe I am just "old school."

I am so glad I found my friends again.  Even though we may look like middle age ladies, inside we are still just 15 years old.   The sparkle in our eyes are the memories of fun times in the past, and the fun times yet to come!  I can't wait!


GardenofDaisies said...

How wonderful that you were reunited with your old school friends! One of the best things to come out of facebook!!!

Chrissie said...

How nice to be able to reunite with old friends. Isn't it amazing how the years melt away~

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

The years do roll quickly don't they! I am so happy that you reunited with your friends! Enjoy them!


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