Friday, October 29, 2010

My first baby is now 22 years old!

My little girl has grown up!  She still lives at home while she is attending Art College, but is rarely here.  She works, has school, has a social life and occasionally she is able to spend time with the family.  I can remember when she was born like it was yesterday!  Such a great experience, after the labor part of course, which was horrible!  Somehow, back in 1988 I was convinced, along with many other suckers, er women, that I should have a "natural" birth.  Holy mother of God!  I think I went to another plane of existence to try and get through that!  Has anyone had a good "natural" birth where they didn't feel like they were dying? 

Sarah was born "sunny side up" as the doctors called it.  I guess maybe that is why the back pain was so bad.  Her head was pressing on the spinal nerves.  As soon as I saw her little face though, it was all worth while.  She seemed like an angel!  Our first night together was amazing, and being able to walk out of the hospital the next day with her felt like I was stealing!  How could I be entrusted with this new person?  How would we ever manage? 

We managed the best we could and even had our son who recently turned 14!  He is  a blessing we waited a long time for!  I hope they will be able to be ok with just a year or so of therapy and counseling when they leave home and we didn't scar them too much!  lol

Having kids has been one the best and the most challenging things I have ever done.  It has opened up new worlds of experience, new emotions, more love, and self exploration than I ever dreamed!  Though I thoroughly loved being a mom when my kids were babies, I am so glad they are older now.  I no longer have that amount of energy! 

I do look forward to grandbabies in the future, though not being called grandma!  yikes!  There is nothing like snuzzling a baby's soft little head, or kissing their little hands and toes... I cry when I look at old pictures sometimes, but I am also understanding how God gets us ready for the empty nest to come...

Hug your babies, no matter their ages....

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