Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage Arm Chair Modern Update

My latest update is this vintage arm chair.  I saw it sitting on a broad shelf in a thrift store a few months ago and fell in love with it.  To me it looks both vintage and modern at the same time.  It was in good shape structurally, only a few dents and dings from its previous life. 

I knew I didn't need another chair.  I shouldn't spend money on this.  I could get chairs cheaper at a yard sale or estate sale.  I should just wait.  Something better would come along. 

I circled the store a few times, and kept ending up in front of the chair.  Staring at it.  I figured it must be fate telling me to bring it home with me.  So, into the van it went. 

I took my chair outside, took the seat off and sanded it down really good.  The varnish was old and dry and it came off easily.  A couple of coats of spray primer to get it ready for the paint and then several coats of matte black were applied over a couple of days time.  Even doing it in the bright sun, I kept finding places that needed just a bit more here or there, and so I would take it back out and touch it up. 

I love the feet on this too!

The seat was pretty easy.  I found a modern fabric I love in a black and ivory floral and some new 1" foam.  I didn't want a thick chair pad as it would cover the ornate look of the back.  New cotton batting and my trusty staple gun and it was finished.  I sat in it for a minute or two.  I admired it.  Did a photo shoot.  Then I wrapped it up and listed it in the shop.  I hope someone has a home for this great chair.  I think I will seal it with some rub-on polycrylic.  I haven't used it before but have heard it works very well. 

The seat is really nice and wide for comfort (some of you know what I am saying right?) and the back is tall so you can really relax into it.  With an ottoman this would make a great reading chair in my bedroom.  If I had any room for it.  Maybe I just need a new house.  Bigger bedroom, bigger kitchen, bigger everything?  Funny how when we moved in here it seemed SO big and we couldn't fill all the rooms!

I call it Vintage Modern.  What do you think?

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Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Now that sounds like a great name to me!!! Your makeover looks outstanding and thanks for showing it off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY.


Danielle G. said...

The paint job looks excellent... so much work pays off!

Betsy B said...

Love the lines of the chair. The new fabric and color really make it look so modern and chic.

Condo Blues said...

I love it! I'm a fan of black and white. The fabric is stunning.

Donene said...

I love your black and white chair! IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!Thanks for your nice comments!

FlyAwayHome said...

Hey Tracie, Thanks for visiting MY blog...So glad you did because it brought me to yours. Great blog. I have read thru most of your posts and LOVE your "ABOUT ME", I am thinking alot of us feel the same way. Your chair turned out beautiful and I will be checking back in for more goodies from you. Thanks again for visiting.

sweet european dreams said...

oh. my. goodness. That is truly divine! Beautiful transformation! I'm working on my own slew of chairs at the moment...gotta get back to sanding...again! -diane

The DIY Show Off said...

Tracie - it's beautiful! What a great transformation! I'm going to include a link in tomorrow's highlights. (If you'd like, grab an "I'm Featured" button!) Thanks so much for sharing your hard work in the DIY Project Parade! ;)


Kathy said...

This is a very elegant makeover! Just love the color and the fabric,

Tracie said...

Thank you all for your nice comments! They really make my day!

Roeshel, thank you so much for featuring me. I have been trying to add the button but I haven't figured out where to put the code that it will show up! I wish someone would make a blog For Dummies! LOL

Sarah said...

I'm in love with your gorgeous chair. It's the perfect mix between modern and classic.
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Chrissie said...

Your chair looks wonderful, i love the black and white. You have a good eye for these chairs. I am following along now~

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi Tracie- I love how this chair turned out!! The paint and the fabric look just beautiful! I know what you mean about something talking to you... looks like it was a great purchase for you! :)

Dana said...

I LOVE the way it turned out, it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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