Thursday, September 23, 2010

My baby boy is 14 years old

How does time go so fast?  We ask each other this.  It seems to me that the older I get, the faster time goes.  It was not so long ago that Jared was just a little guy, and then a child, and now he is a teenager who is almost as big as me! 

We decided to surprise him the day before his birthday with a trip to the fair.  I got him up for school as usual, fixed breakfast, made his lunch and sent him off.  His dad and sister had taken the day off but I told him that his dad was home sick (he slept in, how horribly unfair).

About 10am I showed up at the junior high and had the office call him down to leave.  Dad and sister were hiding behind the back seat of the van.  I told him I got him a last minute dr appt for a checkup he needed and that I would be taking him back to school later.  We got in the car and started to drive in the parking lot, and they jumped up screaming SURPRISE!!!! 

 Jared almost had a heart attack!  What was supposed to be a fun surprise (concocted by his sister, who by the way also slept in) turned out to be kinda scary!  After he recovered, we told him we were going to the brick oven bakery for chocolate donuts and then to the fair.  We got the kids Dizzy Passes (those arm bands that allow you to ride all the rides and cost alot) and he was thrilled. 

We hadn't been to the Fair in about 4 years, and back then he was a little afraid of the rides, but not this year!  He was fearless and tried everything!  Couldn't get enough of spinning and being turned upside down and inside out!  Sarah  bought some tickets for me to ride some swings that I had said I always wanted to ride but hadn't.  Why?  Because I was too scared!  Now, however, I HAD to do it!  Good thing for me I know how to use deep breathing to calm myself down when I get anxious!  Same technique I use when in an airplane preparing for takeoff. 

Let me off!!!!

I'm alive!  I wasn't worried.... nah....

What is wrong with kids these days?  They don't even scream when they are thrown upside down in the air! 

Acutally it was a fantastic day, we all had a great time and I even found the swings to be exhilirating (though still a bit scary).  The next day, on his actual birthday, we went out for dinner, opened gifts, and had choc cake with homemade hot fudge sauce.  We laughed alot and had a wonderful time! 

Still, I wish I could turn back time sometimes..... Just to pinch those sweet cheeks again, and the little feet with the cute stubby toes, that have now morphed into ugly 'man feet.'  I am very proud of him and at the same time, I want to shrink him back down and cuddle him on my lap again.

We are enjoying life along the way, even if the current is swifter than we might like. 


Hanna said...

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