Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I guess that Destash is the new word for cleaning out, organizing, and getting rid of stuff!  Well, it is more than overdue for me to Destash!  I have several areas where this is true and I am avoiding actually doing it by writing about it instead!  Hey, who says I am not creative??

I need to get rid of alot of stuff on my Etsy shop to make room for some really cool treasures that I will be photographing and posting soon.  Many of these "destash" things are from when I first opened the shop back in January and are from my mother-in-law's kitchen.  I have a SALE section and a $5 section and for any of my readers that would like to buy from these two sections, please just make me an offer!  All reasonable offers will be accepted!  Just convo me and mention this blog post!   Just go here:  http://www.mylifeinstages.com/

Another area is my bills/paperwork/stuff you gotta keep area.  You know the one... where all your important papers are stacked haphazardly up in a pile next to you and your cat makes a nice little bed out of them?  Oh, that's only me?  Oh well....

I have to destash my garage to make room for all my thrifting, junking treasures and to make room for all my projects too!  I purchased paint for the bird houses and I am excited to get to it.  Many other  paint projects which would be so fun to do if we could get some actual sunshine over here for more than a day or two! 

Ok, so that's my life today.  Now, that I have told you where I am at, I may actually have to do something about this!  Oh, don't make me!  Please nooooo.....!

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