Sunday, May 9, 2010

Old becomes New

I decided to see what I could do with this old bird I discovered one day.  He looked ok, the way he was I guess... but he seemed so worn that he just looked like the perfect experiment for me and my spray paint can! 
First, he was sprayed with several coats of gold metallic paint to cover all the various colors.  He actually hung in the tree in the backyard for a day while he dried!  I wonder what the neighbors thought? 

He seemed too bright too me just in gold, so I took some craft paint (Mint Julep Green- Americana) and diluted it with water. I used this as a wash over the top.

I was starting to like him better but he still needed something... I sprayed several coats of a clear sealer to give him a bit of shine..... I was still not sure I liked him, but my daughter did.  I set him up outside in the sunshine to take a picture of him, and my dog walked by and with his tail, swooped him onto the brick patio and broke him!   arggghhhhh!!!!  
Sarah was able to super glue him back together (I was going to throw him away), and you can hardly tell he was broken!  So, he will be here with us now rather than heading to the shop.  What do you think?

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