Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Treasures!

I love to go yard sailing! Sometimes my kids come with me, and we always go to an old bakery that still uses a brick oven to make the breads and pies. Chocolate donuts are at the top of the list for my son and I while my daughter usually chooses a cookie or a vanilla donut. This weekend is the start of the yard sale season and several communities held neighborhood sales! One stop shopping!  You gotta love that! 

I have tried to limit myself to buying only things I think I can really use, or sell without turning it into a project. I find myself thinking of things in terms of how I could improve them!  I (barely) walked away from a 1960's era side table, since it needed major joint stabalization as well as repainting.  I have to do the 5 chairs, coffee table, and night stand in my garage before I can take on more. It was so cool though! It even had tiny tiles in various shades of blue on the top surface! The possibilities!  But I was strong and walked away!  Pat me on the back here, it was tough! 

I did end up with several nice things to list in the shop that I will show you later, and I also got some things that I thought I might be able to use to fix up those bird cages I bought awhile back. Remember those?  Yep, another project...Did I say I have a tendancy to procrastinate?  Things seem so much better in my head than they do in actual practice, but that is another story..

I thought I would put some up some pictures and see if  any of you have some ideas of what I could do with these cool cages. I was thinking of making them into centerpieces for weddings or anniversary parties since this is the season for love... I have some embellishments as you can see, may get more, and I will be repainting the cages so tell me your thoughts and ideas!  I need the inspiration! 

I would LOVE to hear your ideas! C'mon now.... don't be shy!

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Vintage Shouting said...

Thanks so much for choosing me as one of your Sunshine Award winners!

I love the idea of using these as wedding centerpieces. Here are some ideas you may want to look into:

I also found these links on ways to use them as simple in home decor:

Enjoy! And I will keep watching to see what you decide to do with them.


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