Monday, August 9, 2010

August Giveaway!!

Ok, it's that time again to have another giveaway!  This time it is a nice set of milk glass!  A bowl and compote set which works great to hold your jewelry, float flowers, or even to store bath soaps and products! 

Looks great on this sage green crocheted doily that comes with it! 

There are several ways to enter.  If you choose to do all of them you will be given 7 chances to win!  All entries are assigned numbers based on the entries; i.e., you could be number 1, 11, 21, 31... if you entered 4 times and there were only 10 total people entered.  See how that works?  At the end of the contest, a random number generator is used to choose the winner!  Check back to see if it is YOU! 

Here are the entry methods:

1. Visit my online store at and tell me which is item your favorite

2. "Heart" my shop at and let me know

3. Follow me on Twitter and let me know via twitter direct message

4. Follow me on Facebook and leave a comment on that page

5. Follow this blog - or leave a comment that you are a follower so I know you are interested in winning

6. Tweet this giveaway with link and @lifeinstages so I will know

7. Post this giveaway on your blog and give me the link

Contest closes on August 23rd and winner is announced on the blog Tuesday, August 24th at 12pm Pacific time.  Will it be you? 


Curtis Collectables :) said...

I really love this!

1950's table cloth with fruit pattern

My email is dana (at)

Curtis Collectables :) said...

I hearted your awesome shop as well.

Curtis Collectables :) said...

I'm a follower of your blog now too.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Nice giveaway! I follow your blog, and your twitter. I will be tweeting your giveaway along with a link to your blog as soon as I exit here. I hearted your shop too.
My favorite item is the chair that you gave a makeover. The black chair with the black and white print. It is your first furniture item in your shop. Sorry, don't have facebook! But I accomplished six of the requirements!


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