Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun at the Antique Faire in Sublimity!

I wanted to escape for a day.  Get away from the messy house, the projects, the to-do list.  Spend some time with my husband.  I learned about Molly Mo's Antique faire in Sublimity Oregon from the Funky Junk Sisters Blog.  Hmmmmm, a nice drive to Oregon, a place I have never been, a chance to see what people are selling and try to determine if I could participate sometime.  I talked my husband into it pretty easily.  It was either that or organize the garage...

It was a gorgeous day, and Molly's Mo's farm is out in the middle of the country.  Quite beautiful!  I wish I had a bigger house and lots of money as there were so many wonderful things: Antiques, rusty, chippy, shabby chic, crafts, and furniture!  The setting was fantastic and there was old music playing in the background, carrot cake for sale, other goodies to eat and drink and a place to sit awhile... Oh, and Chickens!!!! Did I tell you I LOVE chickens?  Unfortunately, my husband did not get any pictures of the chickens!  He was probably afraid I would frame them and hang them in the kitchen~ 

The Antique Faire was only one day.  Molly is having another one in November.  She also has a shop!  And a Blog!  Check her out here: 

So much fun it was worth the 4 hour drive!!  And as a bonus, there was SUNSHINE out there in the country!!!



Molly Mo's said...

Wow, great pics! Can I use a couple? I'm so glad you came down for the show and had fun. We had a fabulous show and so many people from the Seattle area and even Canada visited! Glad you made the drive, it is beautiful down here. I'll be doing a show in Monroe,WA on Oct 23rd - Rust & Ruffles, you should go! I think it will be a very cool show. Thanks to your husband for the wonderful pictures!!


Tracie said...

You are more than welcome to use the pictures. I have several more that I didn't use. If you would like me to email them to you let me know the address. You can reach me at
I would love to come to the Monroe show!

Rebecca Grinder said...

Wasn't the show a blast?!? I enjoy Diane's hospitality and the view is spectacular!

Hopped on over from the Molly Mo's blog.

Tracie said...

Yes, I loved it! It was the first show that I have gone to. Now I am hooked!


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