Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Dreams

I can't believe that it is almost time for school to begin for another year!  My son will be going into 8th grade at the Junior high and my daughter will be in her second year of Art School.

Of all the dreams and plans I had for summer I think what I wanted most was sun, being able to get outside, spend time with friends and not have a schedule!  Even though our summer in the Pacific Northwest has been hit and miss in terms of sun this year, I was able to achieve all those goals.  I tend to be greedy and start to get depressed when I think of summer ending and going into fall.  I want more.  More long days, more sleeping in, more sun, more of everything that summer represents.  Can you tell the summer is my favorite season? 

Getting ready for school to begin after Labor Day has put me in a reflective mood.  In order to stave off the pouting, I am reviewing all the fun we had this summer so far!  Some of the highlights:

My kids and I went yard "sailing" every Friday, often with Chocolate frosted donuts from the brick oven bakery to kick off the morning.  We went to Lake Chelan twice, once for the family reunion where we got to see and rekindle connections with my husbands side of the family, and again with friends for camping and swimming. 

I did lose that 30 lbs and so did my friends!  Pay no attention to the logo at the bottom of the picture! 

The Oregon coast was on our list for summer and we stayed in Seaside and hit Cannon Beach for a few days with good friends. 

People feet, bird feet, everyone loves to put their toes in the sand!

We fed seagulls everyday and made new friends!

                                              We relaxed and enjoyed our time with good friends.

We floated the river in our 25+ year old raft with a big group of old and new friends and had a big BBQ after and talked and watched the kids run around in the yard. 

Campfires in our fire bowl with smores were a favorite time to just sit around and talk and crack each other up with just our little family of four.  That time is so precious now with our daughter turning 22 in Oct.  She lives at home but is often gone working, at school, or with friends.  So, when we are all together it is very nice for all of us. 

My husband and I escaped for a quick trip to Oregon to attend the antique faire at Molly Mo's (my first one) and we discovered a Goodwill Superstore on the way home!  I was in heaven!!

So, all in all a pretty decent summer.  No big exotic vacations, just nice memories with the people we love. 
I don't think I would like to lose the seasons, as I do enjoy each one, but I think I just need more sun.  Maybe an extra set of artificial sun Happy Lites? 

You know, I am looking forward to school starting to get my own routine back, and get my son in one too!  How about you?

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