Monday, August 23, 2010

Easy DIY Update

First, I would like to announce the winner of the August giveaway for the milk glass bowl, compote and the sage green doily!  Drum roll.........

The winner chosen by a random number generator is number 4!  SOUTHERN LADY'S VINTAGE!!!  Check out her shop here:  

Now, on to the DIY project!  I had to share this as I was so happy that my plans actually turned out the way I thought they would!  How often in life does that happen?  : D  My son and I were out yard sailing (yes again, we do it every Friday in the summer) and discovered a cool sale.  They had a large "free" pile too.  Now usually I don't take anything from the free pile.  There is a reason that stuff is free right?  Yeah, you know what I am saying.  This time though, I could not pass up the chance to see if I could remake these old, worn, dirty spice racks into something nice and updated.  What the heck, it was free right? 

I didn't take many before pics but just imagine they were dirty, greasy, grimy and the varnish was worn off in places.  The hardest part of the whole project was cleaning them! 

It looks like I am thinking of throwing them in the fire bowl and using them for kindling huh?  It did cross my mind, but only briefly!  After scrubbing and scrubbing and using dish soap, Fantastic, 409,  and every other cleaner I had, I let them dry and used different types of spray paint that I had on hand.  I also tried out the new light green "celery" color I had just purchased! 

What do you think? 

 Two of them had drawers and two were smaller.  The red one was missing the bottom rail.  We switched the top rail to the bottom and I think it works fine. 

I think these would be fun to use for small photos, or collections.  Even your perfumes and bath products.  Now, get your paint can and get started! 

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Lori@Paisley Passions said...

What a fun idea!!!

~Lori @ Paisley Passions
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Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

What a cute redo, Tracie! I love the numbers on the bottles -- it makes it look very Pottery Barn-esque! :) Great job!

Tracie said...

Thanks guys!


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