Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone!  After several stormy, windy and rainy days, we have some sunshine today to celebrate the day!  Still windy and not very warm, but hey, it beats the storms! 

Easter always brings to mind traditions, from childhood, from my children's past Easter's and church traditions.  When I was a child, my family did not attend church, although both my parents were raised as Seventh Day Adventists.  When Easter came around, I usually went to church with the family of one of my friends.  Back then, little girls always wore dresses, hats, and gloves.  We even got to carry a little purse!  I remember my mother would always put my coins for offering, a hankie, and some gum in mine.  I thought it was the best.  After church we would hunt for eggs and go home for a big dinner and baskets of candy!  It was the best thing ever for kids! 

Our traditions involve church, dinner at home, easter baskets, dressing up, friends, and confetti eggs!  Since my husband is Mexican, his family has always hollowed out egg shells, dyed them, and then filled them with confetti and sealed the hole with tissue paper.  You then hide the eggs, and when you find one, you chase someone and crack it on their head and confetti goes everywhere.  So much fun!  Young and old love t participate in this tradition!  I am usually finding confetti in my hair even after a few days of shampooing! 

This year, things have gotten away from us.  We are presently not attending church, decided not to cook a dinner, and we did not prepare the confetti eggs.  My kids are now older; 21 and 13 years, and we decided to take it easy.  So yesterday we made cookies, and dyed hard boiled eggs. 

Today, we are waiting for my daughter to come home from a friends house, then the Easter bunny will bring the baskets, we will dress up and take pictures, and go to Brunch with Friends.  This is the first time EVER I have gone to brunch on Easter, and it feels kinda nice.... next year, I will probably get out the china and cook again, but this year is a refreshing change.  What is your family doing today? 

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