Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New stuff!

With summer weddings coming up, I wanted to put some things in the shop that would work for weddings.  I have had alot of demand for milk glass vases, but I think I have scoured the area!  Maybe I will get lucky if I keep looking, but I did find some vintage glass vases in similar styles to the milk glass ones that I thought would look nice in a grouping.  I love the mix and match look!  Well, I can't seem to post pictures today, so you will have to look down below to the etsy button for the new additions!  I think I did get the comments section fixed now... this technology stuff is not for the easily discouraged! 

 InMyNest at etsy has some very nice milk glass pieces.  I particularly like this one.  She also has a ton of other cool vintage items.  Check her out!

I picked up some birdcages while out thrifting and I am thinking of how to paint and decorate them to work as nice table centerpieces for weddings. One is wicker, one is metal, and one is wooden.  Any ideas? I will post pics once I figure it out. I love the before and after type posts don't you? Please send your ideas! 

I was featured in a treasury on recently and it was very exciting.  This was from who is based in Israel, Jerusalem!  I have always wanted to go there! 
Check out her shop for some beautiful and unique handmade floral jewelry! 

I hope your day is going well.

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Robin said...

I love the clear glass vases and your pictures are great! I have a terrible time photographing clear glass. I'm excited to see what you come up with for the bird cages. Thanks for mentioning my little etsy shop in your blog.


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