Friday, April 23, 2010


I am so excited to let you know that I was featured in Mostazseed's design blog!  She was discussing the use of the color yellow in decorating and featured the  vintage yellow chair from my online shop! 

This is such a comfortable chair and just like my grandmother used to have at her formica table! 

It is so much fun to know that people out there are actually reading stuff I write and linking things together.  I am still learning about all this and how to do it, but I am having a great time in the process.  Check out her cool blog for great ideas http://mostazseed.blogspot.comfeatures/  and she features alot of Etsy sellers which I think is sooo cool!

 I wish Etsy would advertise so it would become known like Ebay!  Not only would that be good for the sellers on Etsy, but for the general public who are looking for something unique and special to give as a gift or purchase for themselves!  There are so many cool things on this site, many talented artists!  Check it out for yourself at

I also recieved a Sunshine Award from Southwestjewelry recently!  How did she know I needed this?   The Sunshine is most appreciated here in this dark land of the PNW. Thanks Southwestjewelry, check her out at she has some beautiful and unique jewelry! 

And now, I get to award this to 12 lucky nominees! Woo hoo! The challenge will be learning how to link everything together~ Yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, but sometimes, it takes more time!  So be on the look out and I will tell you who I link to as I discover them!  :-)

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